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Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos to Fund 1,000 College Scholarships for Dreamers $33 million donation the largest ever for TheDream.US

External Link | January 12, 2018

TheDream.US, the nation’s largest scholarship program for Dreamers, announced today a $33 million dollar scholarship grant from Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos. The grant, the largest in the organization’s history, will give 1,000 undocumented immigrant graduates of US high schools with DACA status the opportunity to go to college.... click here.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to Grant $33 Million in College Scholarships for DACA Students

The Wall Street Journal | January 12th, 2018
scholarships Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos is granting $33 million in college scholarships for undocumented immigrant high-school graduates in the U.S., according to TheDream.US, a nonprofit education group... click here.

DACA Injunction

News | January 10th, 2018

On January 9th, a federal judge in California temporarily blocked aspects of the DACA repeal effectuated by the President on September 5th of last year. Takeaways:

  • DACA has NOT been fully reinstated. The judge's order is only to continue accepting DACA renewals for those who's protections have expired or will be expriring.
  • No new applications, no Advanced Parole.
  • This is a temporary measure. The judge's order is partially keeping DACA active only while the lawsuits by several states play out in court.
  • A permanent solution by Congress is still needed. We urge you to contact your representative to vocalize your support of a DREAM Act that will provide a humane path to citizenship for all people.

To read more about the injunction click here.
Distributable summary of the injunction by United We Dream.

About the End of immigration protection program for ‘dreamers’

News | September 5th, 2017

On September 5th, President Trump via his Attorney General Jeff Sessions ended the DACA program benefiting an aproximate 800,000 undocumented immigrants. The program will be phased out during the following months as follows:

  • As of Sep. 5th, no new DACA eligible youths may apply for the program (those who meet the criteria but have never applied before).
  • Those who already had a pending DACA application before Sep. 5th will continue to be processed.
  • As of Sep. 5th, no new Advanced Parole applications by current DACA recipients will be accepted.
  • As of Sep. 5th, no pending Advanced Parole applications will be processed, any associated fees will be refunded.
  • Currently, Advanced Parole petitions already granted will continue to be honored at the discretion of border enforcement agents.
  • Anyone with a DACA permit expiring before March 5th, 2018, may apply for a two-year renewal of protected status. Only those who's application requests are received by October 5th, 2017 will be processed.
  • Anyone with a DACA permit not expiring before March 5th, 2018 may keep their legal presence status up until the 2 year expiration of their protected status but may not renew afterwards.
  • Individuals with DACA will begin to lose their protected status with no other legal resources to turn to at this time. We urge you to contact your representative to vocalize your support of a DREAM Act that will provide a humane path to citizenship for all people.

To read the official USCIS notice click here.
To find out more about the federal dream act visit the American Immigration Council.
Read about the proposed Hope Act and BRIDGE Act.

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Call to Artists:Logo Design Contest

Contest | February 9th - March 9th, 2017
Logo Design Contest

EWB is calling for original designs that capture the concepts of migration-through the monarch butterfly, and diversity-through shades of people of color.

Please keep in mind that this design will also be used in pins.

The winning design will be selected by the executive board of EWB and will be awarded $50 dollars... click here to know more (pdf)

Social Event: Chicano Park

When: April 19th, 2014
Dia de los Muertos social

Join us for our April social at Chicano Park this Saturday for a day of festivities and fun. The 44rd celebration of Chicano Park located in the Barrio Logan community, south of downtown San Diego, under the San Diego-Coronado bridge. This family event is always free and open to the public. The theme for the next celebration is “ “La Tierra Es De Quien La Trabaja: The Land Belongs To Those Who Work It”.