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Relevant Groups & Organizations

Scholarship Opportunities

Information for/about undocumented students

Defered Action:
Relief for undocumented youths who were brought to this country when they were children.

Undocumented students may be exempt from paying out of state tuition at California insitutions if they meet the requirements.

California Dream Act:
State financial aid, similar to the federal program Fafsa, for California's undocumented students.

California Dream Loan:
State financial aid, similar to the federal loans programs, for California's undocumented students.

AB 540 On-Line Resource Guide - CSULB:
California State University Long Beach.

Titan Dream Resource Center - CSUF:
California State University Fullerton.


Additional Helpful Information

College Board:
.... Young lives on hold college board(pdf)

"Many undocumented students are victims of circumstances. But if an undocumented student is committed to attending college, they can pursue a degree." Read more from the undocumented students guide

Catholic News:

State's Stance on Undocumented Students:
The different State's positions on educating undocumented students States Map

This program is designed to "increase the acceptance rates of medical school applicants from racial and ethnic minority groups who were underrepresented in medicine—African Americans, Mexican Americans, mainland Puerto Ricans, and American Indians and Alaska Natives."

United We Dream:
Do you or your parents qualify for the DACA expansion or DAPA? Find out about this and other reasources. Do you qualify for DACA expansion/DAPA?

AB460 Driver's Licences:
Dealing with the state law that will come into effect next year allowing undocumented persons to obtain driver's licences. These are inteded as guides for those conducting presentations on the subject.
AB60Curriculum english(pdf)
AB60Curriculum español(pdf)

San Diego Dream Team:

National Immigration Law Center:
Offers a wide range of educational materials for immigrant communities and allies.

ACLU San Diego:


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